Our Expertise

Process-Ex adds value by providing services that enhance manufactures and businesses’ efforts in their drive towards Operational Excellence.

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Overall Equipment Efficiencies

Investigate concerns and constraints affecting the various elements of OEE: speed, quality and delivery by focusing on People, Procedures, Process flows and Machines

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Projects and Problem Solving

We’re just as passionate about Production and getting the product through the door as you are. We focus on the tasks with single minded purpose without being sidetracked by the day-to-day issues.

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We develop training and coaching guides for each production process as well as develop a guide for the effective monitoring and P.M of key equipment (using existing schedules)

Should you be unhappy with the quality of your instructions, Process-Ex can provide you with professionally compiled Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Our Procedures

Customized Services

Our services can be tailored and scheduled to suie your needs. You decide what module(s) or even part of the module you require and we will arrange sccordingly.

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